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My friend Matt, also known as author  DM Cunningham has written a most excellent book called Niles Wormwart, Accidental Villain. If you click on this link, or that photo of the book below, you can buy this book for all the kids you know or all the grown ups you know that are just big kids for a holiday present! When you buy it through this link, it goes through Charles Shaughnessy’s amazon.com store, where everything you buy there, a portion of the proceeds goes to Diabetes research. Both Matt and I will greatly appreciate it and someone you know will be able to explore a whole new world through this middle grade science fiction, fantasy, comedy book with exploding oxen and wormholes!niles

In the science fair world of ketchup-spewing volcanoes and potato clocks, one boy, Niles Wormwart, plans to alter the history of science fairs with his time travel wristwatch based on Nikola Tesla’s work. Unfortunately, history has different plans for Niles.After Niles blows up his school’s science wing with his project, his father, deciding his son needs to make some friends and take a break from his constant experiments, sends unsuspecting Niles off to the mysterious Camp Mayhem.The only problem is that Niles’ father thinks it’s a role-playing camp. Well, it’s not.Headed up by the ominous Red Czechmark, Camp Mayhem is ground zero for training the future villains of today. A place for real kids to realize the real villain inside them. Niles sharpens his focus on escape while everyone inside wants him to sharpen his focus on discovering his own dark powers. There’s a sinister plot brewing, and Niles is dead in the middle of it.Thrust into a world he only thought existed in comic books. Niles discovers his true potential inside the walls of Camp Mayhem-the potential to become the darkest of evils or stay true to his good-hearted roots.


This book would be the perfect present for most middlegrade readers. It’s absolutely laugh-out-loud funny, but there’s a lot of heart in there, too.And if you’re into science, there’s some great information here, too. In case you still haven’t heard of Tesla, you need to read this book now.I think most adults would love this book but I am most excited to get it for my godson. He’s going to have an absolute blast.

Highly recommended.


Linda (Miss Greedybooks) rated it 4 of 5 stars

I was awarded this book by NetGalley, Thank you. D.M. Cunningham did a great job with this story.  Inspiring for kids that were not the coolest, for the nerds, bookworms, shy and hesitant to join the other kids.I like the science, and the use of ideas and names to make a curious reader want to continue to learn more.This is a book I would have loved as a kid, to encourage that we all have something to contribute. We can find friends and people in the same situations as we are, sometimes lonely – even if sometimes we feel we would rather be alone (because kids are mean). I guess that is why books have always been my best friends.

Who knew there was a Villain Camp? (I went to a camp where I was able to go horseback riding and swim) Who knew there were tests to see if you were a Villain or a Hero Coalition contender?

It was fun to see the kids figure out what their power was, and how they all ended up using them.

Great for a gift!

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We know some boys in Norway that will L O V E this book!
Buy Matt’s book everyone.  You will love it too!
Barrington Puppy