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Hello Napa Valley California!

Today, my mama & my aunt debbie & my cousin mattie (she is a 13 year old golden retriever) went on a road trip.  it was my first.  Mama was worried that I might throw up in aunt debbie’s brand new toyota sienna van, so she didn’t feed me.  She might should have given me ice chips however, instead of water . . .  because i did.  It was very windy and bumpy through “the grapevine” whatever that is!  I didn’t mean to Mama!  But mama had it well protected.  She did have to do laundry when we arrived, but luckily, we had a washer dryer.

When we stopped for gas & food, i smelled all kinds of new smells & ran after birds.  Mama said i drove her CRAZY, but she didn’t know how exciting new city smells were!  All in all, she said i was a pretty good boy for my first road trip!  Mattie is always good.  She is a seasoned traveler!!  Here are a few pictures from day one.  You can see me and mattie in the car while we were driving, aunt deb’s beautiful new car (i didn’t mean to throw up in it aunt deb, really!) and you can see the view out our back porch where we are staying and the grounds that we are walking around on.  I’m looking forward to our day 2 adventure!  It’s bee-you-tee-ful here!